.Dry Sump Oil Pumps
Auto Verdi dry sump oil pumps offer more than just enough oil flow and pressure to your race engine. With lower internal friction losses they take less power away from your engine to run at maximum horsepower. The free hp and best available vacuum give your race engine every advantage.

Dyno tests have proven 3-6 hp gains on a well-sealed race engine still maintaining oil pump performance.
Use this extra hp to get ahead of the competition.
Modular system
The Auto Verdi oil pump is based on a modular system that allows you to custom-build a pump to your engine oil flow and vacuum needs by combining different scavenge sections up to seven stages.

Pumps are available for engines from 2 to 12 cylinders and engine size up to 900 cu. in. mountain motors. Other valuable advantages are tight plumbing options, built-in
pressure relief valve system, air/oil separator, and custom brackets.
.Aircraft alloy
Housings and scavenge rotors are made of a very rigid high quality aircraft aluminum alloy. The material allows for very tight machining tolerances without distortion under maximum loads.

The aluminum parts are anodized before PTFE-coating to make for better adhesion.
Pressure gears are made of the same quality steel as transmission gears. They are very hard and precision ground to withstand long cycle periods. A Balanit C coating is also applied for minimum friction.

Auto Verdi oil pumps have been proven in NASCAR to stand many 500-mile races without rebuilds.
The rigid construction of our oil pumps makes them very durable in any kind of racing.
Integrated fittings
Auto Verdi use milled in AN fittings in most standard oil pump housings. We offer special plumbing options like this -16 "plug-in" scavenge inlet. This is used in most NHRA Pro Stock and other drag race applications.

For light and tight plumbing system Auto Verdi recommend Brown & Miller Racing Solution fittings and crimped on hose that also improves the vacuum due to better flow.
Coated rotors
Many rotor lengths to custom build your oil pump to achieve preferred scavenge and vacuum levels. Two-lobe rotors for NASCAR, endurance and most drag racing, three-lobe rotors for bigger engines.

Special order carbon fiber rotors are available and all aluminum rotors are PTFE-teflon ® coated for best efficiency as well as long life.

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